Belanja untung dapat CASHBACK

Sekarang belanja bisa untung dari mana-mana, dari voucher diskon, point belanja, cashback juga, bisa masuk rekening lho!

Mau belanja dapet CASHBACK? ke SINI aja

Nama nya juga ibu-ibu gak jauh dari yang nama nya diskon, promo, sale. nah sekarang muncul tambahan buat ibu-ibu jenis saya, jenis apa atuh? 😀

Begitu awal di kirim info soal program cashback dari seorang teman kantor via email, masih agak segan untuk registrasi dan bahkan cenderung hmm karena saking banyaknya penawaran yang dibaca di website bikin lier sendiri. Akhirnya dicoba juga, meski awalnya agak bingung karena ternyata harus masuk ke situs ini dulu dan itu prosedur awal untuk belanjanya dan berhak mengklaim cashback  nantinya.

Kamu bisa registrasi hanya dengan menggunakan akun gmail atau facebook


Banyak lho toko-toko nya, ada lazada, orami, tokopedia, elevania, buka lapak bahkan agoda dan ada lho jadi gak terbatas hanya toko online saja tapi juga bisa beli tiket kereta via tokopedia, bodyshop, buku variatif banget. gak rugi deh 🙂

lumayan kan cashback dari hasil belanja kamu, cring-cring bisa jadi barang lagi, bisa dicairkan ke rekening bank kamu sendiri lho.


oh ya, cashback sedang ada promo lho, ajak teman kamu untuk bergabung melalui link ajakan kamu, maka kamu akan berhak mendapatkan Rp.25.000,- kalau teman kamu sudah berbelanja sebesar Rp.125.000,- jadi memang sebaiknya kamu mendaftar disini untuk penggunaan yang menguntungkan belanja kamu sendiri. Syarat dan ketentuannya seperti  berikut ini:

syarat-dan-ketentuan-programKali ini, dalam waktu yang terbatas, ShopBack memberikan Bonus Ajak Teman yang gak main-main buat menambah saldo CashBack kamu lho 🙂


Mekanisme Promo Ajak Teman 21 November – 10 Desember 2016

  1. Untuk mendapatkan bonus, teman yang diajak harus daftar, belanja min 125rb, dan melengkapi profile diri pada periode promo 21 November – 10 Desember 2016.
  2. Bonus hanya akan diberikan 1 kali. Tidak berlaku kelipatan dan tidak bersifat akumulasi. Contoh, jika Anda mengajak 5 teman, bonus yang Anda dapatkan adalah Rp 400.000. Berikut ini rincian bonus:
  • Ajak 3 Teman: Rp 200.000 (Bonus Rp 75.000 + Bonus Ekstra Rp 125.000)
  • Ajak 4 Teman: Rp 225.000 (Bonus Rp 100.000 + Bonus Ekstra Rp 125.000)
  • Ajak 5 Teman: Rp 400.000 (Bonus Rp 125.000 + Bonus Ekstra Rp 275.000)

ShopBack berhak untuk tidak memberikan bonus apabila:

(i) Anda melakukan self referral ataupun bentuk kecurangan lainnya yang bertujuan memanfaatkan sistem cashback ShopBack.

(ii) Ajakan Anda tidak sah.

Yuk, lumayan kan belanja bukan cuma dapet diskon dari voucher diskon , point, dapet uang juga *wink* enak toh



Learning “How to” Setting Your Goal

Setting a goal is not as simple as i thought before, most people define a goal is something that you want to reach, without making any step progress. DREAM ON 😀

It is important in a process of creating goal structure, you need illustrating or writing on your goal.

The famous helper method is SMART, it stands for:

S : Specific

Define a specific goal it is the most important thing so you can determine the next step.

Ex: losing 10 kg in a month is better than setting a goal like this: losing weight

Tips: Choose one goal only rather than creating many goals at the same time it will help you focus.

M : Measurable

Define a specific number you need to reach to get accuracy of goal

Ex: you need to scale how much weight loss you want in your goal, write in your goal plan

Tips: Make it super specific, it can help you when breaking it into a process

 A : Actionable

Define how’s the goal will be achieved, just like you climb a tree, you need to take a step by step move on its twig.

Tips: Create an action plan which way to go, how to get there, just like instruction from GPS, tiny actions steps is important

 R : Relevant

Monitoring goals whether there are so many goals, comparing effort and value, checking the condition to fit your goal

 T : Time Bound

Calculating the time, how to divide the time you need on finishing each step process

More explanation about goal system setting, i get it from this video, some tips already written are based from explanation from here.

5 steps to get your goal more effectively

have you get this question below walking down your mind? how to turn into an effective goal?, what is the challenges? how is your chances?, can you stick with it?.etc

this video might help 🙂

1. Pick one goal for the next 30 days.

I’m sure we have lot’s of goals but it’s better you pick one goal, its better to start  small you can achieved in 30 days.

Why 30 days? because its how long it takes to form a habit, once the habit is in place success become automatic and progress consistent. Don’t focused on several goals at once actually it will decreases your chances of accomplishing anything, so start small and make it simple doing. Goal Setting = Goal Getting , Make it fun like hobbies not homework that assign your self doing and try to force yourself of doing it.

2. Make your goal specific and measurable.

vague goals bring vague result, why? because while your analytical mind is great at thinking in term of abstract notion, beauty, tons of money, health. Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand them and ignore all these statement all together.

in order in top of power your subconscious mind and to keep motivated  you have to give it measurable and specific instruction of your desire outcome.
use like you would to google your goal and  get image of what you want. for example: you would not search your dream car by writing dream car or new car in google search engine, right? you might want to directly search for specific car like what car?, what type?, what color?, what year they are?.
3. Write it down and re-write it every day
writing it down makes you perceived as you do something you shouldn’t  taken lately, its like signing a contract with yourself, committing to your goal every single day that is why write it down and re-write it every day is very effective boosting your motivation and keep your focus throughout the day.

4. Create an action plan

you can’t get from point A to B without asking for direction first and learning exactly where to make a turn, which way to go or how long it will take to get there. Having a clear action plan just like getting precise instruction from GPS when traveling to new place, the smaller and more thought through the action steps are the easier to achieve  something.
Tract your progress and stay flexible, that is why breaking your goal into bite size action that takes 10-15 minutes to complete is by far of the most  one of the important step of entire failure goal system setting.
just keep in mind that “has to follow” planning, brilliant plan without action plan is  futile just like a massive amount action without a plan is tiresome and not very effective, be smart, think strategically, take action, adjust and act again.
5. Focus on activity not the end result
Almost every goal setting system saying focused on the end result, the latest result from university of Chicago and Korea shows that focusing on the end result can decrease your motivation and increases chances of failure, it turns out focusing on your end results boost your intention to achieve your goal but it actually detract the pleasure of the activity, make each step seem harder and more tiresome. focusing on activity at hand beat running treadmill, learning Japanese or writing a novel makes a whole process seems easier and more fun  helping you to stick to your goal longer.
Hope this can help you as it can help me too 🙂


Hi, you know what? one day, i saw an eye catching youtube channel about hot mommy, actually picture of one person that catch my eyes. That person was Mrs. Tara, back then when i was looking information about breastfeeding, i found her blog and there were pictures of her from the blog in that channel. Skip the introduction, next….

The channel is vemalecom, catching about the life of 16 womens if i’m not mistaken with various job but mostly about beauty, food, clothes, cosmetics, entrepreneurship etc.

Below are snapshot pictures of the cover video #ibuibuhot


Why i love this kind of show, because it can bring the fire of inspiration inside me #firemanhelpturnmeoff 😀 . Well there might be two perspective, negative and positive.

In my point of view its almost positive things that came out from a form of women with their career, life, family. For me, always interesting knowing the “how to” they start, their passion, dream, obstacle, coordination, routines, partnership, friendship, vulnerability, how they see things in positive way, learn from their bitter life and still can be empathy to others.

Their creativity are so inspiring, lively, their freedom on realizing what’s on their mind, the support from their spouse, collaboration, time management is the most important here.

Their value of life also shown here and bring the idea of the next tag tittle of this show 😀

Just check them out at

By the way, i’m following their personal blog too :p , am i being KEPOERS now? you responsible for this #ibuibuhot 😀