Best Parenting for your children

Have you ever see, hear or read about this situation?

I have no idea, how this fight started 😀

Breastfeeding vs milk formula

Organic food vs instant food

Diaper vs cloth nappies

Working mom vs staying home mom

Vaccine vs natural immunity


These issues were once all over the social media OMG

these kind of issues still exist underneath, if you search it deeply, you can find some group in social media about it.

IMHO this kind of issues can’t solve any problem arise in both side, wasting time and chasing tails.

Breastfeeding for me is still the best option though i made it only for 5 month, organic food is my  choice, i use instant food just in rare case. i used cloth nappies for my new born baby but now i am using diaper. I’m working mom, definitely 🙂 last but not least i choose to vaccinated my children.

Parenting shouldn’t be divided by shallow thought, every parent have their own battlefield. children is not a thing, they have different soul, mind and body. Even though they have similarities, the approach method will be different because every child is unique.

No body’s born as a parent, just like part of growing there is step by step they need to learn. They try, they succeed, they make mistakes, they learn. Every parent is trying to give their best effort for their children.

So keep your finger out from someone else because the rest finger is pointed on you more


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