Hi, you know what? one day, i saw an eye catching youtube channel about hot mommy, actually picture of one person that catch my eyes. That person was Mrs. Tara, back then when i was looking information about breastfeeding, i found her blog and there were pictures of her from the blog in that channel. Skip the introduction, next….

The channel is vemalecom, catching about the life of 16 womens if i’m not mistaken with various job but mostly about beauty, food, clothes, cosmetics, entrepreneurship etc.

Below are snapshot pictures of the cover video #ibuibuhot


Why i love this kind of show, because it can bring the fire of inspiration inside me #firemanhelpturnmeoff 😀 . Well there might be two perspective, negative and positive.

In my point of view its almost positive things that came out from a form of women with their career, life, family. For me, always interesting knowing the “how to” they start, their passion, dream, obstacle, coordination, routines, partnership, friendship, vulnerability, how they see things in positive way, learn from their bitter life and still can be empathy to others.

Their creativity are so inspiring, lively, their freedom on realizing what’s on their mind, the support from their spouse, collaboration, time management is the most important here.

Their value of life also shown here and bring the idea of the next tag tittle of this show 😀

Just check them out at  www.ibuibuhot.com

By the way, i’m following their personal blog too :p , am i being KEPOERS now? you responsible for this #ibuibuhot 😀




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